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Written By Azzahida on Saturday, 7 December 2013 | December 07, 2013

Assalamualaikum goodnight my best friend all week ... unnoticed stay 3 weeks the new year quickly approached us, and our expectations are of course in the new year to come, we can be better than ever . I want bercertia little story about me this morning ,Sunny morning when the sun's rays begin to reveal that I 'm used to waking up in the morning Fajr prayers in congregation to worship with family and children of students pesantern AL TRUSTEES ASSALAFIAH cottage in our village , when sepilang from boarding school as usual I order for breakfast in the morning already on spends by unlettered but I do not get along with breakfast is prepared , I also asked 

ummi ( ummi. .. why use an omelet breakfast ? ?Ummi answer ( already during the gus ... still a lot of food instead of just egg 's all there as well ... vegetables ...!Arif not want Ummi ... Arif want noodles ...Umm just a silent look at my attitude that may be spoiled .because I had lunch , no rush off to school in between each direction .Time is running short story . when I come home from school gave me a cassette abahku DVD to learn the meaning of the movie in this ...

 The conclusion of the film I began to realize that there are many others out there that is not easy to eat, let alone eat well ...
Ya Allah give Servant heart always patient and sincere through life amen
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  1. Walaikumsalam sahabatku...Nice story...Sahabat Ariff, can u appoved my friend request on ur FB please...I would like to be ur friend n I like all ur posting or story about islam...I hope we can sharing n discuss about something knowledge...Tq, please...

  2. I have done request to u Arief. My name is Shinji Ono Syamsuri. Tq.


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